a single, centralized system

iconectiv TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse is designed for regulators to introduce and administer number portability and simplify port processing for service providers. It ports all number types through one comprehensive and centralized system, ensuring a simple, secure and scalable platform that helps meet all regulatory mandates and national number portability requirements. TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse also helps drive choice and convenience for consumers and sparks industry competition and innovation.

a smoother porting process

TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse delivers quick and accurate number exchanges for all service providers: wireless, wireline, VoIP and cable. It dramatically simplifies every step of the porting process, enabling a no-hassle rollout and a better overall experience by:

  • Ensuring all service providers follow the same procedures in handling port requests
  • Tracking port request stats, routing data and history
  • Monitoring port activity in real time
  • Leveraging commercial, off-the-shelf software for cost-effective deployment
  • Smoothing integration with service provider environments
Portability Clearinghouse

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planning a national number portability platform

Number portability is a winning proposition for all key stakeholders. It gives consumers the freedom to choose — and switch — service providers, at will, while maintaining their phone number. It empowers regulators to allocate limited numbering resources with greater precision, while levelling the competitive playing field, encouraging expansion and driving innovation. At the same time, it helps service providers acquire new customers and generate higher Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by offering new services.

Best practices call for a centralized, shared number portability clearinghouse platform featuring the combination of centralizing port order request handling and a single national reference database for all ported numbers enabling direct routing.

The TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse is that solution. It allows each service provider to communicate through one single interface to a centralized system regardless of the number of service providers involved.

Portability best practices


See the best practices for service providers to make the transition to support number portability.

Numbering intelligence


Promoting customer choice and convenience with market-leading number portability clearinghouse and gateway solutions.

simple, seamless, secure portability

iconectiv TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse provides a simple, seamless, and secure porting process that enables customers to switch service providers, regulators to implement portability with greater ease and convenience, and helps service providers comply with number portability mandates on a global basis.

the world’s most trusted portability solution

You can rely on the TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse to help you:

  • Improve competition
  • Offer better consumer choice
  • Facilitate a friendlier porting process
  • Reduce porting times to 24 hours
  • Provide cost-effective service provider access to system and support functions

The simplicity of TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse is the reason why many countries adopt this approach. Its overwhelming success is the reason why it has become the world’s most trusted solution for handling number portability administration.

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