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TRA Product Ordering Process

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The Catalog tab at the top of this page provides you access to product descriptions, a link to view and download a more expansive TRA Catalog, as well as free downloadable samples of many products.  Since some data products appear similar but may have significant differences, we encourage you to review the product information available under the documents link and to contact TRA to let us help you evaluate which data product(s) may best meet your needs.

Follow these steps to order ...

Ordering a TRA product is a two stage process.   If you need specific information about TRA products please review the product descriptions available at this site or, contact TRA.  Once you have decided on which products may meet your needs, please follow these steps:

  • Obtain a Price Quote - TRA products are priced based on value based pricing principles and so, prices can vary by company.  To obtain a price quote, complete both pages of the TRA Price Request Form (pdf*), then submit them to TRA.  The first page is used to identify the product(s) you are interested in and the second page is used as input for TRA to determine pricing.  Once the TRA Price Request Form is received, TRA will respond within, at most, two business days with quoted price(s) or a request for further information that may be needed.

  • Submit an Order - After reviewing the price quote, if you wish to proceed to order the product, you need to complete a TRA Order Request Form (pdf*).  Simply list the product(s) you have chosen to license along with the quoted price(s).  Also, include the required shipping and billing addressee information, and indicate the billing method along with any Purchase Order Number, if applicable, and sign the order form.  The completed order form, along with any payment as may be applicable for the given product(s), should then be submitted to TRA as described on the form.

TRA products are provided to you under license ...

It is important that you understand that TRA products are subject to a set of License Terms and Conditions (pdf*) that you are agreeing to when you send us a signed TRA Order Request Form.  Some pertinent aspects of these terms and conditions are:

  • Subscriptions to TRA products are considered enterprise licenses   This means that TRA products may be placed on a Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Intranet, server, internal web site, multiple PCs, mainframe, Operations Support System or other electronic computing platform exclusively shared or accessible to any and all employees within the company or the company’s line of business (LOB) that has licensed the product(s). 

  • Under the standard enterprise license agreement, TRA products and the data contained therein are only to be used internal to the company or the company’s line of business (LOB) that has licensed the product(s).  Providing TRA data to third parties as part of a product or service you provide is not permitted under the standard enterprise license. Should you need to provide TRA data to third parties, depending on case specific conditions, it may be possible to obtain a TRA Special License to address and support your intended use of the product.  If you have any questions concerning the restrictions on the use if TRA products and/or specific data contained therein, we encourage you to contact TRA for additional information..  


Get Acrobat Reader * Forms are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf ) format and requires the Adobe Reader which can be obtained free of charge by clicking the Adobe icon.