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This page is intended to note items of pertinent interest that may be occurring with TRA data and with industry activity that may impact TRA data.  Links to other sites may exist. Items will be added top to bottom.  Retention length of items may vary.   Information on this page will be updated as may be needed - this should not be considered a daily or weekly news page. Countless activities are occurring in the telecommunications industry daily and cannot all be listed here. Comments are appreciated. Two sections to this page exist:

Future Area Code Splits in TRA Data

Based on information provided to TRA on or before the database update date identified below, the following NPA (Area Code) split details (NPA NXXs) have been entered in the TRA databases via mass updates and will be reflected in the next issue of TRA products following these dates (the specific product dates for the monthly LERG and TPM are listed). The NNAG dates are the same as the LERG. Please note, for various reasons, split details are subject to change before and during the permissive dialing period (extent of changes will vary).  Also listed on this table may be cases where a split has been identified via a NANPA PL to be forthcoming, but for which data has not yet been provided to TRA or entered into TRA databases.  Splits that may have been announced but subsequently were suspended by the regulatory body having jurisdiction, are not listed.

This table represents geographic splits only, not overlays. Where splits may have multiple end dates for permissive dialing (e.g. for wireless), the primary (usually wireline) date is listed. Information will be retained on this table for a short time past the start date of the permissive dialing period of each split. Splits are listed in order of the start date of permissive dialing.

Note: No NPA splits have been scheduled since the last occurred in 2008.  NPA relief activity is now addressed via overlays.  However, splits versus overlay as a means to address NPA relief is the purview of state regulators in the United States and of national regulators in other NANP countries.  If a decision is made to address a given situation with an NPA split, the following table will reflect such.

State/Terr/Prov Old NPA New NPA Permissive Dialing
(i.e. dial old or new)
Start        End
Databases Updated
First Product Date
none scheduled

NANPA Planning Letters

Often related to Area Code activity, for your reference, the following Planning Letters (PLs), issued by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) were placed at the NANPA web site www.nanpa.com during the last completed calendar month.  They are noted here to keep you abreast of any new information.  However, check the NANPA site for the listing and availability of any past or late-breaking PLs.  In addition to NANPA PLs and News Releases regarding Area Code activity, Local Service Provider sites and Public Utility Commission sites often contain split related information. Commission sites can be reached by linking through www.naruc.org. The extent and timeliness of information may vary by site.

PL Number Subject
none -



  • Effective June 1, 2015, the LERG Routing Guide was modified as follows:  LERG1 now has a previous two position filler field redefined as two separate new fields, LERG8LIR now has one position of a filler field redefined as a new field, LERG14 has been eliminated, LERG16 and LERG17 have been added as new files.   For more information, please refer to material in the documents page of this site under "current" LERG.