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TruOps Telecom Routing Administration (TRA)

The industry recognized source for routing and rating data

Catalog of Products

See the Product Listing below to link to additional product descriptions about TRA products.  Some product descriptions include self-extracting samples that can be downloaded (.exe files).  The .exe files do not "run / install" an application, but are essentially self-extracting zipped data and text files.

Before continuing, you may find it useful to read a list of common terms

Product Listing

The following links provide additional information regarding each product.  For expanded details, view or download the complete TRA Catalog by clicking at the catalog image further below on this page. TRA products are essentially "data" (not an application) and require users to "process" the data to meet their unique needs and properly integrate the data it into their local environments.

TRA Catalog Cover

A complete TRA Catalog of Products (more extensive than text at this site) can be viewed and printed by clicking on the image appearing to the right.

Catalog last updated:   September 2018 

Note: The TRA Catalog is in pdf format and requires the Adobe Reader which can be obtained from Adobe by by clicking here.

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Common Terms

  • NPA - Numbering Plan Area (also known as an Area Code)
  • NXX - the 3 digits after an NPA in a phone number (aka prefix, exchange, central office code...)
  • NANP - North American Numbering Plan - US, most US Territories, Canada, and several island countries in the Atlantic and Caribbean and other areas where telephone numbers follow the Area Code / prefix concept.
  • V&H - Vertical & Horizontal - a set of numbers used in telephony, derived from Latitude/Longitude, to pinpoint a location.  These are used in assessing distances between two points for call rating purposes, network access charges, and related telephony bases needs.
  • Rate Center - a point within a Rate Exchange Area. Generally, calls originating and terminating within these areas are considered local. However, please note that a Rate Exchange Area is NOT usually one-to-one with "Local Calling Area" (which may extend across Rate Exchange Areas). TRA provides Local Calling Area information only via the LCADS product..
  • LATA - Local Access Transport Area - geographical areas, defined by the US Justice Department, which limit the range certain major local exchange carriers are permitted to transport telephone calls.